be a goal digger.


I’ve always had a goals list – to tell you a secret I even carry it around, folded up really small, in my wallet. I can remember writing goals lists for the longest time – maybe something I got from my parents, maybe something from The Secret book sunk in (though that book has some major holes in its theories)- for whatever reason, I’ve always written one.

And the best part – they work! I have had the pleasure of crossing off so many of the goals I’ve written down. Don’t get me wrong, not everything I write down happens. But that is the beauty – those things that don’t, don’t for a reason. Whether the reason is revealed to me at the time or months, maybe years later – there have been a few goals I am thankful for not coming into my reality.

My goals have always been a range of smaller and larger things that I would like to happen and both those, small and large, have come true and lead to some major life changes for the better.

Before you start shacking your head and yelling at your screen that this is all bullshit, ask yourself – have you written a goals list recently, do you have one currently, like right this moment can you jump up from your computer and pull yours out? There you go! You might think that you know the goals you want to achieve, they’re all listed in your head right? But that just isn’t going to cut it! You’ve got to right that shit down. The act of writing it down might seem simple, but it’s a way of working the goal out. Actually seeing it starring back at you in ink, now indented in the paper, is the pledge you just made to yourself to work towards what you want to achieve. As you write each goal down, you can visualise it in your head as if it had already come true – what would it look like, feel like? Feel it! Soak all that goodness up as you write it!

I have been fortunate to cross off lots of my goals. But you can’t be foolish and think you can just write your goals down and forget them. To achieve those goals takes a little luck sometimes, but a lot of hard fucking work all the time. But by writing them down you are taking the first step, you’re acknowledging that it is something that you want. You need to revisit your goals list. I look at mine sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month – to remind myself, re-visualise and to check in and make sure I still want that goal – sometimes what we want changes.

A week or so I was having one of those utterly shit days – I was feeling stuck and couldn’t see a way out of a few situations I was in. Those situations were intruding my space and littering it with bad vibes. So I sat down on my bed to rewrite my goals list and for the first time, also write the opposite of a goals list – I called these two lists:

‘What I want to bring into my life’ and ‘What I want to remove from my life’.

Just the process of writing down what it was I wanted to remove from my life helped to get my thoughts in check and once I read over the list I could see that all of those things I wanted out of my life, were in my control. Just as those things that I wanted to bring into my life are too.

I wrote these two lists only this month and I’ve already been able to cross off two things from that list of things to remove. BOOM! Out with some of those bad vibes and in with the good!

So if you want something, write it down, make a goals list and revisit it. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and a shit load to gain. Go on, be a Goal Digger.



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