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There are days when everything is on track, you look in the mirror in the morning and think ‘fuck yes, I have my shit together’ as you rush out the door to work. And then there are those days when an adult seems like some mythical being that no one has really figured out how to be.

So maybe we can just settle with being adult-ish, happily lost somewhere in middle.

Maybe some days I will be career driven, set goals, network, brush up on my property investment knowledge and fine-tune that balance between cash and investment for my superannuation. And maybe there will be days when I throw on my onesie, put on my favour record and get lost in the intangible tunes as they fill my room while I daydream watching the light fade to dark outside my window.

Maybe there will be days when I remember the lessons learnt from previous relationships and promise to not make those same mistakes, I’ll plan for the week ahead, and Skype my parents. And maybe some days I will throw caution aside and go with what feels exciting, dangerous, knowing it could lead to a painful dead end, I’ll add to my bucket list and I’ll call my besties over to watch a disney movie.

Maybe some days I will clean the house, wash the car and budget for the month. And maybe there will be days when I get drunk with my friends and forget that that moment won’t last forever.

Maybe there will be days when I book that dentist appointment, empty the washing basket and sip herbal tea. And maybe some days I will pick up my friends so we can drive nowhere in particular, singing loudly to our favourite music and filling our phones with photos that capture our youth.

Maybe being an adult is bullshit and we should stick to being adult-ish and never forget to dance to music that makes us fall in love while we make plans we don’t know if we’ll ever follow through with.

Maybe we should hold onto the deleted scenes, the mistakes, the childish moments and that careless, wildly free spirit just in case that mythical being comes a few steps too close.




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