the power of ten.

I don’t know about you, but ever get that overwhelming feeling when you want to save the world, but just don’t know where to start? If you’re like me, you might volunteer, donate monthly to an animal shelter in Thailand, use recyclable bags, drink from a metal straw, limit your meat intake, but still at the end of the day sit down in frustration thinking that it just isn’t enough. That’s me!

But on a road trip over New Years in amongst the most refreshing and soul igniting conversations with friends, one of them said something to me that was one of those mind-alerting moments. As we drove up to Daylesford to spend New Years in a house amongst the trees, we talked about living more sustainable, eco-friendly lives. My routine frustration come out that sometimes it just doesn’t seem like we’re doing enough. He stopped me and said, you just need to influence ten people. If you can positively influence ten people, ten people who will shift some of their behaviours towards a more sustainable lifestyle – that’s where the impact begins. All we can hope for is that there is a ripple effect of those ten people to each influence ten more people. So there it was. A concept that was so achievable. This conversation changed my attitude.

So here I go, refreshed with a new attitude towards it all – I can truly start again to work towards what I wanted this blog to be. And, if at least ten people read it and find any of the information I share, tips I learn along the way about achieving a more sustainable lifestyle, stories from those people I met, maybe just maybe, I can make a small, but positive impact.


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