Adventures Near and Not so Far. Part 1 – Mt Buller

When it’s cold outside, go snowboarding! And a¬†short three and half hours from my front door is a playground covered in snow!

Best parts of the day:

  • Waking up early enough, to have already been up for hours, to witness the sunrise
  • Attempting to teach my friend how to snowboard
  • Mountain cold beers! A new level of ice old
  • The vibes of the people we met on the mountain
  • Not breaking my ass (no Queenstown repeat!)
  • Watching the sunset as we drove home

Can’t wait to get back to the mountain!

it’s a trap.


I read an article the other day that had a theory about why time seems to go by much faster the older we get. The theory is, that as an adult we are on autopilot so much of the time that our brain is just on standby, not really having to be aware of what we’re doing because we’ve done it before – ROUTINE! But as a kid we are constantly having new experiences, trying new things and learning everyday. And because kids are using their brains and are fully alert to what surrounds them, time seems to move by slower.

This article was addressing my greatest fear – ROUTINE! The idea of doing the same thing every day scares me more than anything else.

So to continue kicking routine the curb, never wasting any of those 86,400 seconds and ensuring those seconds go by as slowly as possible, I’ll be exploring my own backyard. As I dream of being back in Croatia, sailing or even wondering around an unknown city, I’ll keep my curiosity talking with what is just outside my door.

Enter – my miniseries: Adventures Near and Not so Far




follow your curiosity

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. We spend 28,800 of those seconds at work (if we’re lucky to leave work on time). That leaves us with 57,600 seconds. How do you spend those seconds? How many of them do you waste thinking about what you’d rather be doing than what it is you’re doing at that exact moment?

How about I put it another way. Image 80 equal sized squares on a piece of paper. Now put a cross through one for each year you’ve lived. Look at how many squares are left. How do you want to spend those remaining years?

Now I don’t mean to sound morbid but how often do you think, oh there’s plenty of time for that, I’ll do it one day. I confess I do this! Well at least I did, until a series of events and interactions opened my eyes to see what I was missing by saying ‘I’ll do it one day’. We walk through our days with an almost immortal way of thinking. We delay those things we really want to do with a simple thought ‘I’ve got heaps of time’. And with this thought we allow all those ‘strings’ to keep us attached.

That series of events and interactions lands me here, relaunching my blog in a totally new direction. My blog will document my curiosity and where it leads me. I will prove (to myself and maybe to you) that I don’t have to quit my 9-5pm and sell all my possessions to tick off that bucket list. Instead, for now, I can use my 9-5pm to fund my travel and allow my curiosity to take me to places I can’t even imagine yet. And along the way, I will find ways to make what I love, what I do.

Each year another one of those 80 squares is crossed off and I don’t want to waste a single one of those 86,400 seconds each day. So follow me as my curiosity talks.